Hanging out with: Madam X

Today I hung out with the beautiful Madam X and Meme Gold. We took a trip to Krispey Kremes Drive-Thru, listened to some records in Chorlton and had a cup of tea or two. It’s was nice to be able to relax and get away from the busy lives we lead and take some photos. I managed to ask Madam X a couple of questions regarding what she’s been up to and plans for the future. 

So, you’re from the south of England but now residing in Manchester, What do you think Manchester has to offer musically?

Everything. That’s why I’ve stuck around so long. Musically, it’s the most exciting place to be around. Whether you’re into Club Culture or seeing live music and bands and stuff, there’s movements for everyone to get involved in. In terms of what’s gonna really grab everyone’s attention this year, just watch what happens when the Levelz EP comes out: Ninja’s gonna blow up. Stuff like Hoya:Hoya & Swing Ting I rate massively, and of course everyone’s gotta check out G.S.ONE’s beautiful music. Lucid Dreams EP – Out now on our label ‘Big People Music’.

After checking out the vinyls you bought today in Chorlton, I wondered do you have any favourite artists who really inspire you?

I think being in Manchester does that really. You’re surrounded by so much talent, you unconsciously get inspiration from all sorts of things. It could literally be as simple as going record shopping with Chunky in Chorlton, or hanging out at Pollard Street witnessing the magic happening in the studios, geeking out over tunes with Darka and the BPM family. Really and truly it’s the people I hang out with that inspire the way I approach music.

After our visit to Krispy Kremes today, tell me… if you were a donut… what flavour would you be?

Original Glazed coz you can’t fuck with a classic

We also got tea in a cafe, and there was an unnecessary amount of choice. What are your favourite flavours of tea?

Earl Grey, Builders and Peppermint… Bang

Have you ever tried using Tinder on your phone… (despite how slow your phone is)?

Ha! Even if my phone was fully functioning I couldn’t get Tinder. That’s another level of weird lolll

So what cool stuff is coming up for you this year, what are you looking forward to?

Couple side-projects I’m working on that you’ll hear more about in the next couple of months. I’m continuing with these Ustreams from my Bedroom that’ve been pretty jokes to do: ‘Madam X Bedroom Sessions’ -Youtube that. And more gigs & BPM Label stuff really! Busy Busy!

And is there a lot to expect from BPM in the next few months?

The movement is strong, the response from the first release with G.S.ONE was really positive so we’re just keeping it moving. The next 2 releases are with T Vicious & Dark0 so we’re just finishing up the tunes at the minute making sure they’re perfect, and the clubnight’s still with us at Roadhouse every first Friday of the month. Hopefully down the line we can look at doing more things outside of Manchester, branch out a bit, and keep showing people new music! Our website’s looking nice too. Have a gander over at 
Twitter & Insta: @DjMadamX

Full set of photos are up on my website at 
1st April 2014